The Hellraiser EP is finished :)

2012-02-05 13:56:43 by MessanyRecordings

Jassummisko finished the Hellraiser EP, and you can download it here.

Zip file includes:
The tracks (of course)
The front and back covers
A text file containing the BPM and a comment about every track

01. Hellraiser (Youtube, Newgrounds)
02. Apocalypse (Youtube)
03. Earthquake (Youtube)
04. Stigmata ft. Kufalov (Youtube)
05. Devils Curse VIP (Youtube)

And before you complain that I were not allowed to post it on youtube, mention the download link for the EP etc. Jassummisko is from newgrounds = creative common licence and he is signed to Messany Recordings so I do have permission to do that.


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